Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Creativity~

After looking at multiple blogs and pinterest accounts, I think it has my creative juices flowing. lol. This is off topic of school by the way. My daughter is on the swim team for our local pool. (She loves it!) Anyway, this weekend is their swim conference. They have had an undefeated season and they are really pumped up. My daughter and 3 friends are in the 11-12 yr. old Freestyle Relay and the order that they are in makes their initials K.A.K.E. So, the sillies thought up the saying that they are K.A.K.E. and my daughter says, "Yeah, I like it because I can say...'Do you wanna piece of me?"  So....long story short, I thought how cute it would be to make t-shirts for them to wear tomorrow to conference. I am attaching them so you can see how darling they turned out. Obviously, they are nowhere near high quality, but the girls really think they are Awesome! We decided to do 2 shirt colors, the black for the K's and the blue for the vowels. And by the way....the little picture between the words is a piece of cake. LOL...Enjoy!

My beautiful daughter...Kennady~  (12 yrs. old)

Kennady's shirt

Annie's shirt

Kendall's shirt

Emma's shirt

Well, there you have it enjoy your little piece of K.A.K.E!  :)


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