Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love Shopping!

I have done some extra work this summer....I taught Summer School at the beginning of the summer and I have been tutoring a little girl that I work with throughout the year. Needless to say, I have been earning some extra money. My wonderful husband told me I could use it to purchase some of the items from my "What Are You In Love With?" list. So, I bought 2 of the items today and I am SO excited!! 

First of all I finally purchased my Regal Reading Writing Center. I have been eyeing this baby on teachers' websites for years. Of course, there are much more deluxe models than the one I purchased. But this one has 2 magnetic dry erase boards, a big book ledge that holds markers, 4 removable tubs, a brake to lock it in place and attachable clips for a pocket chart or chart tablet.  It will definitely be an awesome addition to my room. And even better...I found it for a great price!  At Classroom Direct it was $179.97 (plus tax) with FREE shipping!!

My second item of purchase was a little unexpected. On the same list as above about my classroom loves, I had posted a picture of an ELMO document camera. However, I don't really have $400 to spend. But thanks to Jennifer at A Pirate's Life For Us for pointing me in the direction of the IPEVO document camera. Will work for just the purpose I'm looking papers instead of making transparencies, show manipulatives, books, etc. without dragging out the overhead projector!! And best of all it is only $69 with FREE shipping!!  Thanks Jennifer!!

So, if you are looking to purchase either of these items for your classroom...these are the places to get the best deals! :)

Happy Shopping,



  1. Ooooo! I'm getting one of those. That would be great instead of that big overhead projector that just all in the way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Auuh, that is so nice of you... Being a teacher is probably one of the most pleasurable professions a woman can have. It can be pleasing to see that your students are lovin' everything you teach and do for them. What was the reaction of your students when they saw those two new stuff in your room?

    Larissa Dobbin