Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classroom Organization & Book Bins

Well, I have to redo my book bins since I will be moving from 4th grade to 1st. Some of them would have worked the same but I figure if I am going to change one, I am going to change them all. lol. So, after stalking Jessica Meacham's site (one of my favorite places to get ideas), I have decided to use the plastic business card holders and make my labels on business cards.

 I will attach these little babies to my baskets and then just slide the business card into the slot. That way if I want to change what books are in the basket, I can easily change the label to go with them. I also plan to use these little pockets on my mini-drawers that I am going to use for my student's supplies (Thanks Jessica Meacham!)

Each student will have their own drawer and they will keep their crayons, pencils, & nametag in the drawer. When they need them, they will just go pull their drawer and take it to a table with them. :)

So, I thought I would share my book bin labels with you if anyone is interested in trying these easy idea like me! Hope you like them~ (sorry I can't figure out how to make them all show up with one link)

Classroom Library book labels 1
Classroom library book labels 2
Classroom Library book labels 3
Classroom Library book labels 4



  1. Great ideas, i haven't been to her site in a while. i will check it out. so, do you have tables for students. is that why they don't have a pencil box? and i love the font that you are using on your labels very nice :)

  2. Alissa, these are just what I was looking for tonight. Love the graphics you chose, too! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thanks! I did choose to get rid of the desks and use tables this year. I had assigned seating at tables when I taught Kindergarten and used pencil boxes in a storage container at the table. But, I am hoping to let the students choose where they sit this year and not have to give assigned seats. We will see if it works! lol. The font I used is Scrap Swoop from Lettering Delights. I love their fonts!