Friday, June 24, 2011

Clipchart Behavior

I started using the clipchart behavior management system last school year with my 4th grade students. I really liked it and it worked out well. I had 2 students that would score everyone's behavior at the end of each day. Starting with Red = 6 pts and on down to Pink= 0 pts. Depending on how many points they had at the end of the week, it determined their reward. I want to continue using the clipchart with my First Graders this year, but I haven't figured out how I am going to work the rewards yet. I do want to have a way to communicate with parents about what kind of day their child had, so I created a form that will slide into the clear pocket on the front of their homework folder. Each day the student will color in the box whatever color their clip ended up on for the day. They will take home their homework folder and their parent will initial the square to show me they saw it. I am attaching the form so you can see it!

My Daily Behavior Form


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily 5

I saw a great file on Proteacher Message board to use on the Smartboard for students to check in for what stations they wanted. "PeggyAnnMcKay" had made an adorable file and shared it as a pdf. The problem with pdf's is that you can't tweak them to meet your own needs. So, using hers as a guide I made some changes to fit my plan. Because I have so many other things to fit into my day and a much shorter time than many teachers, I have figured out that I will only be able to complete 2 rotations a day. I still plan to offer all 5 choices and I will expect my students to complete each one at least once throughout the week. Now, I just have to figure out how I can create moveable student names to use this sheet on my ENO board. Unfortunately, my school laptop was turned in until next year, so I don't have the RM Easiteach software to see if I can figure it out. If anyone knows what I need to do to create this, please share! I uploaded my new tweaked file to google documents. Feel free to check it out! :)

Daily 5 Choices

First Grade on the Brain...

As I continue thinking ahead for next year, I decided to create a template for my newsletters. I am hoping to send home a newsletter each week (unless I get lazy). I thought I might actually stick with it if I had a nice easy template that I could use to just fill in with the information I want to share. I plan to make a different theme for each month or at least each season. :)  The first one I am sharing with you is for August for a back to school theme. I am working on my next one and will post as soon as it's finished. Let me know what you think!  Also, if you have any suggestions for something I might want to add, I can always make it front/back newsletter.
Talk to you soon...
Here is the link to my first creation...
 August Newsletter Template
Okay I've been hard at are the rest of the months...
September Newsletter Templat
October Newsletter Template
November Newsletter Template
December Newsletter Template
January Newsletter Template
February Newsletter Template
March Newsletter Template
April Newsletter Template
May Newsletter Template

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Classroom Photos

Finally found my misplaced camera so I am ready to upload some classroom photos. As I said in my previous post, my new classroom was originally white, chipped off paint. My room hasn't been cleaned yet so it is pretty much empty other than the computer table. But, this will give you an idea of the color scheme. I hope you like it! I think it is much prettier than it was before!

Click on the link to see more pictures in my photobucket album of my room. :)

Classroom 2011-2012 album


Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is Here!

Well, I have been on summer break from school for 11 days so far and I have yet to really feel like I'm on break. I am teaching summer school for 8 more days before heading to Texas to visit my Dad. I can't stop obsessing about next year. I am SO excited to go back to primary after spending 2 years in 4th grade. I already have my room layout figured out and my lesson plan format ready to go. I have read the Daily 5 and have started on the CAFE book.
Since I am moving from 4th to 1st that also meant changing rooms. The room that I was moving into had white chipped off paint and was very dreary so I convinced my Mom and Stepdad to help me paint it. We ended up with light lime green walls and an indigo trim. I love it! I think it will really brighten up the room and the kids will enjoy it. Of course my husbands comment was, "'s....bright".  Men just don't get it!  I will post some pics of it soon and maybe you can tell me what you think. :)