Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspired by Abby~

Let me start by saying I LOVE following Babbling Abby!  She is so super creative and has AMAZING ideas!  After seeing the sign she made out of a ceiling tile...I was inspired to create my own. Thanks Abby for sharing such a wonderful idea! My daughter and I had so much fun making it and we have already decided that we are going to create one for her bedroom too! :)  Here is how it turned out....

If you are looking to make your own...check out the directions at the Inspired Apple.



  1. Love it, where did you get the font you used? I would love to find the font Abby used for hers.........

  2. I looked at the font, Scrap Swirl, I had purchased from Lettering Delights for Mrs. Wright's and the words First Grade. For dazzling that is smiley monster and I found a free link to it on pinterest and then wrote it free-hand. :)