Sunday, August 11, 2013

Classroom Setup Day 2

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I went back to my classroom on Friday to finish up a few more things. :) It is coming right along and I am hoping to not have to go in again except for a couple hours so I can enjoy my last days of summer. Here is how it is looking so far:

This is a view of my carpet area/ ENO board. Here you see my items for calendar time. That pad of chart paper will be hanging on hooks soon once I get some new ones. My classroom job pockets are on the other side of my ENO board. The desk will hold my document camera and the tall shelving unit is where I put my laptop.
As we move a little further over you can see my decoding strategy cards...I found these at Oceans of First Grade Fun. They are adorable! I also have my new table captain chart and my literacy work station chart hanging in this area. On top of my filing cabinets (that still need a little TLC) you will see my teacher toolbox that I made last summer.
Now we move to my teacher / small group area. On the black bulletin board area I have hung a blue small pocket chart. This will be used for my guided math rotations. The whiteboard directly next to that has a couple of phonics posters and this is where I will write anything my groups need to use. The board next to that is where I will hang the anchor charts we make together. You can see my Alphabet cards that are from Virginia Dowd over at The kids love this!! Also you can see my beautiful 10-drawer cart that I just got. LOVE it!!
This board is my "I Can..." board. This will have my daily objective I can statements posted for Reading, Phonics, Math, Writing, and our Character skill we are focusing on for the week. My pink chair I roll over next to the carpet area when I read aloud. The green board that you only see part of is going to be my math board that posts our essential questions and vocabulary for the topics. You can see the back of a white shelf with another teacher toolbox on top. This is my mom's area. She is my personal classroom volunteer everyday. :) ( I am so spoiled lucky!) These areas are put together and ready to go.
I still need to hang up my new table signs I made, shampoo my alphabet rug, put student names on items once I get my class list, and make my copies for the first week. I will be back next time with the overview of the entire finished classroom. I would love for you to comment on what you think!

UPDATE!  Final overview pics of my room!!

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  1. Aww...your room seems super sweet! :) Looks like you put a lot of love into it! :) Love your alphabet letters set above the board! :) And I'm super jealous about those beautiful hardwood floors!!! :) Thanks for sharing your space with us! :) It was fun to take a peek in your room! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade