Monday, July 15, 2013

My Deal of the Day!!

I am so excited!!! I don't use a teacher's desk because 1. I don't have time to really sit at it anyway 2. It takes up extra space that I don't want to give up! So, I use my kidney table as my area and also as my small group area all in one. I love it! But, since I don't have a desk, I have to have some where to put all my junk important materials! I have been using 3 of the sterilite carts like the one below to house all my goodies and also my teacher toolbox that I made last year.


These aren't mine just a close replica lol.

This one is mine! :)
So, when I saw this 10-drawer cart with the rainbow drawers I was like...HAVE TO HAVE IT!!
I got the Really Good Stuff catalog and was like no way I am willing to pay this much!
Really Good Stuff price w/ shipping...$95
But then I went to Sam's Club and found the EXACT SAME CART for $24.98  and I had a $10 gift card that I received for getting my new membership at the club so it only cost me $15 plus tax! I cannot wait to get this puppy put together and get it to school to fill it up with all my goodies.
What I love about this cart besides the fact that it is beautiful, is that each drawer comes completely out with no trouble at all, will hold materials the size of paper, yet deep enough for my baskets of highlighter, dry erase markers, etc.
I plan to use a few drawers for items that I use daily when planning or grading or those items you just like to keep handy. And then I will have a few drawers that I can use for my group materials too. I will let you know exactly how it turns out when I get it into my classroom. :)


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