Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week Day 1: Come Meet Me!

I love Teacher Week! It is so fun to peek inside everyone's classrooms and get to know more about each other. So, I am linking up with Blog Hoppin for the first day of Teacher Week...Meet the Teacher!! Each day will be a different topic as you can see below so make sure you link up with the fun!

So, now about little ol' me...

My name is Alissa and I have been married for 10 years this year to the man of my dreams! He is the most patient, understanding husband I could ask for and we have so much fun together. He makes me laugh all the time and we love being silly together.

This is us on our wedding day and also on the gondola ride at the Venetian this summer for our 10 year anniversary.

I have 2 amazing children that have made me so proud over the years! I started motherhood a little younger than I should have. I had my son when I was only 19 but I still managed to raise an awesome kid and get the career I have always dreamed of. My son, Chase is 18 years old and heading off to college this week. This kid is an amazing pitcher and will be playing baseball for Eastern Illinois University and is also a super intelligent hardworking student who managed to get a 33 on his ACT and was chosen to receive the Presidential Scholarship during his 4 years of college. I am beyond proud of him and know that he will do great, but I cannot believe it is time for my baby boy to leave home. This Thursday is going to be a rough day for me as we move him into his new dorm room.

Chase when he was 4 in his t-ball uniform and his Senior picture this year.

My daughter, Kennady, is my best friend and I am so proud of her too! She is an amazing swimmer and performer in Show Choir. She works very hard to get good grades and she has the biggest heart in the world. I cannot believe that she is going to be a freshman in high school this year. If these 4 years go as fast as Chase's years in high school then I don't know what I'm going to do.

This is Kenna when she was 2 and now she is 14.


This is going on my 8th year teaching. I started in a rural school my first year, teaching 2nd grade. Then I taught 2 years in Kindergarten , 2 years in 4th grade, and this will be my 3rd year teaching 1st grade. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was just a little girl. I would make all my friends play school with me and I would be the teacher. I even would pretend to be a teacher to imaginary friends when I was alone. And one year,  I had to babysit my 3 younger cousins. I enlisted the help of one of my friends and we set up a complete schedule of different school activities we were going to teach them complete with lesson plans and everything!

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to read and watch movies. Kenna and I love to watch complete sets of old TV series on Netflix. We have completed all the Charmed shows and most of Dawson's Creek. Right now we are watching Supernatural with those 2 hotties in it! LOL 

We have two fur babies at home. Our cat, Tiger is 10 this year and our dog, Teddy Bear, just turned 4. They are the sweetest animals ever!!


Anything else you wanna know? Just ask! Can't wait to learn more about you guys so remember to link up!


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