Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letter Puddles

I have found so many amazing crafts to make for this school year on my new LOVE...Pinterest!  Here is my next creation! The ones that I saw on Pinterest had been created using the glittery alphabet stickers from Target but I didn't have any of those. You can see them here Create-Share-Inspire. So, instead I used some of the scrapbook sticker letters I had and scrapbook paper.

Here is your quick materials list and simple how-to directions:

*large, flat glass gems (beads for an aquarium)
*alphabet stickers
* scrapbook paper

Trace the gem onto the scrapbook paper. Cut on the inside of the circle and then trim to fit the flat side of the gem. Put alphabet sticker on the paper and then put mod-podge onto flat side of gem. Place paper (sticker side down) onto gem and let dry on wax paper.

I made all different types of letters (upper & lowercase) and used different patterns of paper. They turned out really cute! I purchased a craft sorter from Walmart and put the letters into the different holes.

Sorry, the flash made a glare on the beads....

I plan to put the letters onto labels in the bottom of the bins so students can easily return the letters to the right spots.

I plan to put paper and colored pencils with this word work station so the kiddos can write down the words that they build. :)



  1. Super cute! I'm addicted to Pinterest, too! I'm your newest follower.

  2. Thanks! I hope the kids enjoy them! :)