Monday, August 8, 2011

Classroom Setup: Day 3

I only spent about an hour and a half in my room today. Instead, my mom and I helped my cousin set up her room.  She is a first year teacher so I wanted to help her get her room started too. My stepdad finished painting the trim in my room while we were working on my cousin's room. Then my mom and I worked a little while. Here is what we accomplished. :)

I added my rainbow rug to this little corner. This will just be an area where the kiddos can go during Daily 5 or work on Math Tubs. The white drawers on top of the shelf aren't staying there. Those are what I'm going to have the kids keep their supplies in.  The trapezoid table will be another place they can go to work on centers.

I put my alphabet rug down for our meeting area today. The items around the rug aren't staying they are just there to help it flatten out after being rolled up. :)

This is another view of my meeting area and my NEW Regal Reading Writing center. I LOVE it!! :)

This is a view of my room from the meeting area. The circle tables will be spots where the kids can sit to work on centers. The rectangle table is where my mom will sit with groups of kiddos that she is working with. Tomorrow we will be adding my library on the other side of the wood table.

Here my small group area. The tubs still need to be emptied and get my stuff organized over there. That is on my list for tomorrow too. :)

This is going to be my Work on Writing center area. The blue tub on top of the white rolling cart is where the kids will turn in their work. More about that later...

My computer area coming together all cleaned up with the cords straightened and an added lamp. :)

This the word work area. The shelf to the side has pillows on it for right now. Soon it will hold items for word work. Also the colorful carts are going to have word work centers in them too. The green board will have the word wall on it.

The book bin shelves and next to it is where the mailboxes new home is. The little rectangle table is another spot for kiddos to work.

And lastly here is another pic of my mom's area. :)

It is slowly coming together and I am so happy!!  My plan is to be done by Friday...we will see!

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