Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom Setup: Day Four

Worked for most of the day before I had to pick my son up from the airport. I think we got a lot done. I had unpacked and put away most of the things I already had at school, so today I took in items I had stored in my basement from when I taught Kindergarten and most of the new items I have purchased this year. Here are some pics of what we accomplished. :)

Here is my word work station area. I have put away some of the materials in the carts and also on the shelf behind the table, but they are in no way shape or form organized and ready for the kids yet. I still need to work on that...

Here is my computer area. Added a lamp, some notepads and a cup of pencils. The boxes under the table will not stay there, they are going home when I'm done.  The green tub by the bookshelf is holding all my throw pillows for Daily 5.

I added my book bins (ice cube bins) to my tall shelves today. Still need to label them with students numbers. The pink tub isn't staying there but my prize box is. :)

Brought my new white shelves that hold the 3-drawer mini organizers that I am using for supply boxes. These also need labels and they will be ready to go. The white picket fence hiding my ugly radiator now has sunflowers and in front of it is a book holder containing magazines. The tubs to the left will disappear tomorrow. :)

Added a small table with 2 bamboo cushions underneath with a lamp and my collection of Shel Silverstein poetry books.

Added library books in the blue, green and turquoise bins. The white bins and items on the bottom shelf will be for Math Stations time.

Only one tub left to empty tomorrow and my area will be organized. I hung a number line and a pocket chart on my math board. (It still needs some work lol). 

And finally, my favorite task completed today is my new library area (to go along with the area you already saw)....I really LOVE it!!

I am using the white 4-tier shelves (but not stacked) like Jessica Meacham to put the bins on. The chairs will be options for Daily 5 time and the frog basket is going to be where they return the library books they check out. :) 

My plan for tomorrow is to finish up my area, unpack the other books that aren't going into my library yet and maybe start on my bulletin boards. I'm only working in the morning tomorrow and I also have to register my son for school, so I may not get to them. But I plan to get them finished on Thursday for sure! :)  On schedule to be finished by Friday?...I sure hope so! :)


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  1. I am your newest follower. Your room is adorable I love the wooden floors! :)