Friday, June 24, 2011

Clipchart Behavior

I started using the clipchart behavior management system last school year with my 4th grade students. I really liked it and it worked out well. I had 2 students that would score everyone's behavior at the end of each day. Starting with Red = 6 pts and on down to Pink= 0 pts. Depending on how many points they had at the end of the week, it determined their reward. I want to continue using the clipchart with my First Graders this year, but I haven't figured out how I am going to work the rewards yet. I do want to have a way to communicate with parents about what kind of day their child had, so I created a form that will slide into the clear pocket on the front of their homework folder. Each day the student will color in the box whatever color their clip ended up on for the day. They will take home their homework folder and their parent will initial the square to show me they saw it. I am attaching the form so you can see it!

My Daily Behavior Form


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