Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is Here!

Well, I have been on summer break from school for 11 days so far and I have yet to really feel like I'm on break. I am teaching summer school for 8 more days before heading to Texas to visit my Dad. I can't stop obsessing about next year. I am SO excited to go back to primary after spending 2 years in 4th grade. I already have my room layout figured out and my lesson plan format ready to go. I have read the Daily 5 and have started on the CAFE book.
Since I am moving from 4th to 1st that also meant changing rooms. The room that I was moving into had white chipped off paint and was very dreary so I convinced my Mom and Stepdad to help me paint it. We ended up with light lime green walls and an indigo trim. I love it! I think it will really brighten up the room and the kids will enjoy it. Of course my husbands comment was, "'s....bright".  Men just don't get it!  I will post some pics of it soon and maybe you can tell me what you think. :)


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  1. Welcome to blogging fun. I envy the teachers that can paint their classroom walls
    or "remodel" as they wish. I'll check back to see your transformation pictures.

    Yearn to Learn Blog