Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily 5

I saw a great file on Proteacher Message board to use on the Smartboard for students to check in for what stations they wanted. "PeggyAnnMcKay" had made an adorable file and shared it as a pdf. The problem with pdf's is that you can't tweak them to meet your own needs. So, using hers as a guide I made some changes to fit my plan. Because I have so many other things to fit into my day and a much shorter time than many teachers, I have figured out that I will only be able to complete 2 rotations a day. I still plan to offer all 5 choices and I will expect my students to complete each one at least once throughout the week. Now, I just have to figure out how I can create moveable student names to use this sheet on my ENO board. Unfortunately, my school laptop was turned in until next year, so I don't have the RM Easiteach software to see if I can figure it out. If anyone knows what I need to do to create this, please share! I uploaded my new tweaked file to google documents. Feel free to check it out! :)

Daily 5 Choices

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