Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Grade on the Brain...

As I continue thinking ahead for next year, I decided to create a template for my newsletters. I am hoping to send home a newsletter each week (unless I get lazy). I thought I might actually stick with it if I had a nice easy template that I could use to just fill in with the information I want to share. I plan to make a different theme for each month or at least each season. :)  The first one I am sharing with you is for August for a back to school theme. I am working on my next one and will post as soon as it's finished. Let me know what you think!  Also, if you have any suggestions for something I might want to add, I can always make it front/back newsletter.
Talk to you soon...
Here is the link to my first creation...
 August Newsletter Template
Okay I've been hard at are the rest of the months...
September Newsletter Templat
October Newsletter Template
November Newsletter Template
December Newsletter Template
January Newsletter Template
February Newsletter Template
March Newsletter Template
April Newsletter Template
May Newsletter Template

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  1. I really like your templates you made for your newsletter. Thanks for sharing! :)