Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Classroom Day 2

Yesterday I had training for  6-Traits writing all day, so I didn't get to go into my classroom. But, today I went back in to work for about 4 hours. I already had my furniture placed around the room, so today I tried to unpack some of my tubs and set up a few areas around the room.

This is the area between my teacher area and my mom's small group area. You can see my mini-fridge with a lamp and my scentsy on top. The pink polka dots are those wall stickers that are dry erase. And I plan to keep extra supplies and small group supplies in those sterilite drawers.

I plan to write our daily "I Can" statements on these polka dots. I originally was going to use the large poster frame I found, but I didn't really have a good space for it. You can also see my tattle monster there. :)

Here is my teacher area. I still have some organizing to do but I did bring my teacher tool box and I have my those folders on my filing cabinets to put in my daily work.

This is my ENO board area. My laptop will sit on the tall shelving unit and my document camera is there on the small desk. Under the desk is my crate of clipboards I decorated last year. You can learn more about them here.

This is the other end of my carpet meeting area. To the left you can see my calendar area with the place value chart and a pocket chart. I haven't finished this area yet. On my cabinet doors there are 2 blue small pocket charts from the Target Dollar Spot. These will have my daily schedule in them. I have my easel and a new stool I got at Walmart, but I don't think I'm going to keep the stool there. I also found a new pink chair at Office Max and I think I might use it there instead.

This is my math tub shelf and the student supply boxes next to it. I still need to make new labels to put on the supply drawers.

These are my student mailboxes and their book bins.

Here is my word work area. Different activities will be in the sterilite drawers. The little table is where a couple students can choose to work during Daily 5. And the book shelf has more materials for Word Work. The green tub holds our pillows for Read to Self time. But, I am hoping to get something new to hold my pillows. :)

Here is our computer area. We use this for our listen to reading station during Daily 5, although I am hoping to get a listening center this year. :-)

My final picture for you today, is my mom's area. I've told you all before that my mom is my personal volunteer all day everyday...yep I'm SUPER lucky! She is retired and enjoys spending the day with us. :) She will have some of my lowest students sit with her while we complete table work and she will also take 2 small groups during our Daily 5 rotations. You can see she made a teacher toolbox too. :) Also, my jewelry pocket holder that will be used for our PBIS Tiger Paws.

I plan to go back tomorrow and start working on some of my bulletin boards and things. I do plan to leave a few blank until the kiddos get there to help me, but I want to do my word wall and calendar area and maybe a couple others. I will be back with any updates!


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