Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of First Grade

Well, I am officially back to school and my little firsties arrived today. As of today, I had 21 on my roster and all 21 of them showed up. I am supposed to get 2 more tomorrow. I guess 23 isn't too bad, but I had 22 as my highest number last year. I would definitely rather them all get in here now while we are learning the classroom procedures and rules. :)

Today my partner and I used our pinterest inspired photo frame that the kids held while we took their pictures. We also introduced our WBT rules 1 and 2 and Class-Yes! So far, so good. I have never tried Whole Brain Teaching before so I am hoping it will work well with my class this year.

Tomorrow we will be making "Jitter Juice" from Babbling Abby's Fun With Firsties! Pack. My kids from last year absolutely LOVED this activity and were even talking about Jitter Juice at the end of the year!  :)

Hope everyone that is back to school is having a great start to their year! I am exhausted and ready to relax!


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