Saturday, July 28, 2012

Linking up on Friday!

I cannot believe we are already rolling into the end of July! Once next week gets here summer is going to wrap up quick! I don't have to head back to school until August 23rd and the kiddos don't come back until the 27th....but we all know how fast time goes once we start heading back into the classroom.

Today, I decided to link up with a couply linky parties. :~) First, I am joining again with Elizabeth in Fun in Room 4B to share a Fabulous Find. I was at Office Max to get more ink for my printer since I am ready to start printing all the wonderful things I have been pinning all summer. As I was heading to the check out, this little baby caught my eye!

It has six cups of different colors in this fancy little carrier. Each cup can be removed and since I have tables instead of desks, I thought this would work out perfectly for me. My plan for them is to have sharpened pencils in them and when I don't want the kids to get out their own supplies, I can easily have my pencil monitor pass out the cups to the tables. I plan to make my table signs to match these 6 colors and also put little labels on the cups that say the table number as well. (Then there is no fighting over colors). If you like this little guy, you can find him at Office Max for $9.99.

On to my next link up, I stumbled across a blog that I haven't been to yet and I am an excited new follower! I am linking up with Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory to share our Rockin' Resources! The idea is to list 5 things you couldn't live without in your classroom!

 1. My Teacher Easel

After about 5 years, I finally broke down and bought myself one of these babies last summer. I love it!!  It has a magnetic white board on the front, a tray to hold my markers, a space to hold a thing of chart paper or pocket chart, and another non-magnetic white board on the back. It also has 4 tubs that pull out for storage of all the things I need during our carpet meeting times. :-)

I found the Royal Reading Writing Center for the best price at

2. My Class Rug

I also just got this last year, but it made life so much easier! Finally, I had a carpet that was big enough for all my firsties to fit on. And with the letters it gave most of them a specific spot to sit on! I only had them sit every other letter and then filled in the middle but I think I will assign all of them a letter this year for times when we need to be in a circle. ;)

3.  My Laminator

I have been at my current school for the last 3 years (going into my 4th) and the whole time I have worked there, we have had no laminator! I hate it! If we want to laminate something we have to go to the adminstration office of our district and that is something I just do not want to do. So, I purchased this little Scotch brand laminator from Walmart for $25 and it is amazing. I actually like that the lamination is a little more sturdy than it would be from my school laminator anyway. Plus, I can easily take it home to laminate there as well.

4. Smelly Markers

My students LOVE when I make an anchor chart using smelly markers. Of course it takes a few more minutes because they all want to smell it...but who can blame them? I want to smell them too! My favorite brand is the Mr. Sketch scented markers and I do have the big box of 18. ;)

5.  Teacher Tool box

I just created this exciting pinterest find that EVERYONE seems to be making! I think this little baby is going to make my life SO much easier! Since I don't have a teacher desk, I have been storing all my desk items in sterilite drawers that are somewhat labeled but you know how it is when you are in a hurry to put something away...  I think this little tool box will help me know right where to find anything I might be looking for and it will make putting it away a flash too!

This is the one I created:

Please head on over to these blogs and link up! Enjoy your weekend~



  1. Thank you oh-so much for taking the time to join in the linky! Your resource list is dynamite. I am so jealous of your easel. I feel my own "break down" coming on . . . I really want one :) Thanks again.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. Oh Boy!! Where did you get the box of 18 Mr. Sketch markers?? I love your toolbox. Very cute! :)

    Miss R's Room

  3. I saw the same pencil cups at Office Max yesterday and debated whether to buy them or not. I didn't, yet...They were really pretty. I just wanted to let you know that I got the mega magnetic hooks from my local teaching store. But, I'm certain that all teaching stores have them.

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. Oh my goodness... I love that table caddie. Like majorly:) Thank you so much for linking up with me.

  5. Miss R...I believe I found those Mr. Sketch markers at Office Max. :-) I bought them last year and haven't replaced them yet.

  6. Thanks to you, I have to add a trip to Office Max to my 'to-do' list. I love the pencil/table caddy! Do I need it? no! Do I want it? yes! Does it perfectly match my new color scheme? yes! Will I figure out a way to use it in my classroom? of course! While I'm there, i'll pick up some new Mr. Sketch markers.


    1. I totally didn't need my little table caddy either...but I LOVED it! I have a bazillion little baskets and things, but this was too adorable to pass up! :)