Monday, June 17, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party: Classroom Decor

I am linking up with Ashley from Just Reed to show you my ten favorite pins from Pinterest that I have pinned for Classroom Décor. :) I am totally addicted to Pinterest so it will take some picking and choosing. LOL

1. Objective Wall
I have to post student-friendly "I can" statements each day to match my objectives for reading and math. I like the way this one is taped off with a space for each subject. I am thinking of using the subjects of Reading, Math, Writing, and our Character Goal.

I don't think that I have room for this in my classroom unless I rearrange a lot but I absolutely LOVE this idea!! Instead of toys I would put books in the baskets and make this my library area. :)

I wish that I had thought of this myself! I have these chair pockets from when I taught Kindergarten and had a much smaller class size. I don't have enough for my whole class now with having 27 students but I could use them at my guided reading table and put a dry erase board, marker, eraser, etc. in there for easy access.
If I don't go with idea 3, then I like this idea for my guided reading table. I used 2 of these circles for my daily objectives this year, but sometimes they don't erase that well. That would be my only drawback.
5. Math Tubs
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the way she organized her math tubs. :) If only I had an unlimited amount of money to spend in my classroom! lol
Love the colors with the white wicker chair and the lanterns just top it all off!
I love the organization of this teacher area and it looks so sharp too!
I really wanted to find some cubes like this last year but I couldn't find cute ones. And the ones I did find were just too pricey for me. :(
I love the look of this area also.
Would love to have matching, colorful tables like these and the bookshelf along the wall too!
So, there you have it! 10 of my favorite classroom décor pins. Please head on over to Just Reed's to link up and share some of your favorite pins. :) And if you want to follow me on Pinterest, feel free to click the link on the side of my page!


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