Sunday, May 27, 2012

We had a "Moo-velous" time at the Dairy Farm!

On to my next post to help catch up the fun from the April my student teacher had to teach a unit with at least 10 lessons. We had already planned to take a trip to a dairy farm and so she did a unit on dairy cows and dairy products. It was so much fun!

We of course started out with a word web to activate their schema.

We let the kids do their own writing based on the things we had learned all week.

We were working on collecting and organizing data in EnVision Math so we tied it in to dairy products.

We also made some really cute cow art...inspired by Pinterest!

There are no dairy farms in our local area, so we took a bus trip to Fair Oaks, Indiana to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. If you live anywhere close to this and have not been there....check it out here!! They have tons of things to do there! We went to a cow museum that told us more about cows and the farm. We also saw a 3D/4D movie. The kids loved this because they got 3D glasses but there was also wind, and we got wet a few times. :) They had lunch there and we got to taste milk and ice cream actually made at the farm. And the best thing was going on a cow bus tour to see where the cows are kept and seeing how they are milked. You can even see a calf being born, but unfortunately we ran out of time before we got to see that. It is a definite must for next year!


After we came back the students got into small groups and each created a powerpoint slide with the help of an adult to create a presentation about our trip and what they learned (Hello Common Core!) and we chose 2 students to present it to some classrooms around the building and even at our Board of Education meeting. They loved it! It was an awesome field trip and we really had a "moo-velous" time!


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