Sunday, August 3, 2014

Math Center Mania!

In our school district we use AimsWeb for our reading and math assessments. We do 3 benchmarks throughout the year and also constant progress monitoring throughout. In First grade they have Early Numeracy assessments called TENS tests that assess oral counting, number identification, missing numbers, and quantity discrimination. Also, in First grade they begin to take the 8 minute math computation test which assesses addition and subtraction with single and double digit numbers and even some adding 3 numbers concepts. This will be there first time seeing this test but it will continue on through 5th grade. The TENS tests begin in Kindergarten and end in First grade.

I like to use math centers to help practice these skills, especially for those students who struggle with those concepts. We also use EnVision as our math series and if you have ever used this program you know there are some good things and some bad things like every math series. One of the downfalls in my opinion is their math centers. They are not very engaging and they don't hold their attention for very long. We do guided math in our classroom so some students will begin their lesson with math stations. So, I usually have them try the EnVision center first. But since I know they will be finished with it quickly, I like to have a center that practices the same concept but is a little more fun and engaging for the kids.

With this in mind, I have been creating some math centers this weekend and I wanted to get them in my TPT store before the big sale gets here tomorrow! So, if you are looking for some fun activities to practice missing number, quantity discrimination, or counting to understand addition... I have just what you need!
 Find it here!
Count Your Lucky Stars is a math center to help understand how counting relates to addition. (CCSS 1.OA.5)

 Find it here!
Birdie Brigade is a math center to practice quantity discrimination.

 Find it here!
Cookin' Up Cupcakes is a math center to practice missing numbers.

Well, I hope these can help you get prepared for the upcoming school year! Stop by my store and check out the other items during the big back to school sale!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!