Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Conference Time

 I haven't been here for way too long! I cannot believe that it is time for Parent / Teacher Conferences already! This year is going by so fast! I love my group of kiddos by the way although 27 of them just feels like too many to really be able to reach each one of them.

Well, anyway my partner and I wanted to have practice sheets for the parents to take home and use with the students. I don't know about your district, but we have a ton of papers that we have to pass out to parents already besides our Standards Based report cards. So, instead of passing out ONE MORE paper...we made this nifty little thing to hang up where parents can take what they need. We also plan to direct parents to take specific packets if we feel a child needs one.

We made math facts that include adding, subtracting, doubles and near doubles. Handwriting sheets to practice letters and numbers. Sight words that go along with our Trophies stories and our Saxon phonics. And finally we made copies of passages that can be used for fluency practice.
Hopefully we will have a good turn out tomorrow! What are you doing to prepare for your conferences to make your life easier? Please share!

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