Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's In My School Bag? Linky Party

Wow! I haven't had time to post in a REALLY long time! Between regular school stuff, meetings, and extra-curriculars for my kids, I barely have time to catch up on reading posts let alone type up my own! :)  But, when I saw this linky party that Abby at The Inspired Apple was having, it sounded like fun. I just happened to have my school bag sitting next to me on the couch as I am ready to work on some lesson plans and entering some scores, so I thought why not? lol.

First of all, let me say that I have only had this bag for about 2 weeks. A friend of mine had a 31 party and I had to have this organized tote for school. I also bought a lunch bag that I absolutely LOVE! So, in all fairness I usually have a lot more "crap" in my bag than what I found today. However, since this little baby is still new, she is pretty clean!

I really do LOVE polka dots! It is hilarious to see me walking into school with this bag, my new lunch bag in a different polka dot pattern, and my Kate Spade polka dot purse in yet a different pattern. It is like polka dots gone wild! lol.

The first things I found were: My gradebook so I can enter grades into the computer this weekend, my school calendar, my scholastic book club orders that I need to finalize this weekend, and my DIBELS progress monitoring booklets so I could enter those scores.

Next, I found some information on my new book circle group that I have to lead on the Nurtured Heart Approach, my Saxon Phonics Assessment that I need to grade this weekend, and my assessment of the students reading our sight words and story from Trophies for this week.

Finally, this is the random stuff in the outer pockets of the bag: pens, markers, pencils, binder clip, paper clip, calculator, hair tie, hair clip, and my phob/key/flash-drive for school.

Definitely nothing too exciting, but I imagine we all have some of the same things in our bag. It is a wonder all teachers don't have shoulder or back problems considering how much stuff we lug back and forth with us everyday! LOL. 

Well, I can't wait to see what you are carrying in your bag so link up right away!


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  1. Very cute bag! I love the polka dot pattern :) Polka dots gone wild! haha

    I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag